Tetracycline lawsuit

Superbug Lawsuit: Court Orders FDA to Do Its Job—After a 35-Year Delay!  April 18, 2013 – 06:19 am
March 27, 2012 Anibiotics-Superbugs-and-lIvestock

This week a judge told FDA to reverse course regarding antibiotic overuse in livestock and protect the effectiveness of the medicine for humans. Action Alert!

For the past 35 years the FDA has supposedly been reviewing the routine use of antibiotics in animal feed when in fact the agency was simply sitting on its hands. Then, last December, the agency caved to pressure and quietly withdrew any attempt to require the removal of antibiotics from animal feed.

The public was outraged, and a coalition of nonprofit organizations sued FDA to force the agency to reconsider and withdraw approval for most non-therapeutic uses of penicillin and tetracycline in animal feed, unless drug makers can prove in public hearings that the drugs do not harm human health when used this way. The lawsuit was filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Animals Concerns Trust, Public Citizen, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Back in 1977, FDA concluded that feeding animals low doses of certain antibiotics used in human medicine, namely, penicillin and tetracyclines, could promote antibiotic-resistant bacteria capable of infecting people. Despite this conclusion—and in direct violation of laws requiring that the agency move on its findings—FDA failed to take action for the next 35 years.

“For over 35 years, FDA has sat idly on the sidelines, ” said Avinash Kar, a health attorney for the NRDC. “In that time, the overuse of antibiotics in healthy animals has skyrocketed—contributing to the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that endanger human health….These drugs are intended to cure disease, not fatten pigs and chickens.”

As we reported in January, the so-called “preventive” use of antibiotics in livestock is routine and widespread—80% of all antibiotics sold in US go into farm animal feed. Factory farms use them to ward off illness in animals that are kept in overcrowded, filthy living conditions, which are a perfect environment for the spread of illness. These antibiotics are also used to promote increased growth in animals.

However, antibiotics given to animals are transferred to humans through direct contact, environmental exposure, and the consumption and handling of contaminated meat and poultry products—making humans vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant superbugs, which are now a global problem. Moreover, a study found that up to half of US meat was contaminated with antibiotic-resistant staph.

If FDA truly wanted to focus on food safety, it would address the filthy, toxic factory farm conditions rather than allowing healthy animals to be fed antibiotics preemptively.

Source: www.anh-usa.org

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  • Avatar The price of tetracycline for human use is higher than price of tetracycline for animal use. Why?(Please help)?
    Dec 01, 2009 by | Posted in Economics

    Tetracycline is an antibiotic that is used to treat both humans and animals. The price of tetracycline for human use is higher than price of tetracycline for animal use. Why? For full marks use diagrams to demonstrate. Note: If not able to provide diagram then its fine, although diagram would help me a lot! But please do explain precisely. Thankz in advance!! Please answer this question from economy point of view. Thanks

    • Because animals are property with a fixed value, if the medicine kills the animal you get paid the value of the property. Human beings are not property! That is why some dumbass woman can spill hot coffee all over her genitals at a McDonalds and some stupid jury will award her millions of dollars in compensation - even though it was her fault! So, if tetracycline figures in the death of a person it will cost more more than killing an animal! The …

  • Avatar mountaindew25 I have tetracycline stained teeth. Is there any fund or lawsuit against drug makers for people to fix teeth?
    Jul 13, 2007 by mountaindew25 | Posted in Dental

    Thanks, Nancy, I am going to research this. It will cost $14, for veneers.

    • I m a dentist. Not when hell freezes over, friend. Not when hell freezes over. Doctors (and the people who manufacture tetracycline) have known about this problem for many, many years. The doctor who prescribed it for you (almost certainly when you were a child) probably discussed it with your parents before you took the first pill. You re wasting your time. You ll have more luck playing the lottery.